Roofing Danger Signs
Not sure whether your roof needs inspection? If any of these danger signs sound familiar, don't wait to act!




Missing, Cracked or Curling Shingles
This usually indicates that the shingles are simply worn out.

Excessively High Electric Bills
Your ventilation system may have been compromised, causing hot or cold air to accumulate in the attic, or producing condensation that has damaged your insulation.
Dark Splotchy Areas of the Roof

Shingles may be accumulating dirt or algae over time; or, the rough "granules" of the shingle surface may have worn off with age.





Water Stains on Interior Ceilings & Walls
A leaky roof often results in water stains or mold/mildew on the inside walls and ceiling.

Water in the Attic After Storms

If the roof only leaks during driving rain, the problem may be with the flashing or underlayment.



Leaking in Attic After Ice Buildup

Inadequate underlayment can allow water from melting ice dams to enter the attic.






Blistering or Peeling Paint
Paint peeling on outside or inside walls could indicate moisture buildup due to bad ventilation.

Exterior Decay

Decaying siding or sheathing may be caused by poor attic ventilation.


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