Shake Shingles Roofing
Visual Appeal
Rugged but chic, and suggestive of an old-world cottage, shake roofing just looks good. It may not be for everybody, but there's no doubt that a natural cedar roof can make a huge contribution to the look and character of your home.

Environmental Benefits
When a roof is replaced - as all roofs must be, sooner or later - something has to be done with the "tearoff," that is, the old roofing material. Recycling methods for asphalt and other materials have improved, but the only way to make 100% sure that your old roof doesn't end up cluttering a landfill for centuries is to use bio-degradable material. Being made of organic cedar, shakes fit this requirement perfectly.

Insulating Properties
Unlike roofing materials such as metal and shingles, which contribute virtually nothing to insulation, shakes have insulating benefits of their own to add to the mix. This doesn't mean you can skip the other components of a good insulating system, but a shake roof definitely has the potential to give your house an edge in energy consumption.

Durability and Stiffness
Shakes are naturally more impact-resistant, i.e. resistant to hail, than most shingles. This might mean a substantial discount on your homeowner's insurance. Additionally, shakes won't wrinkle like shingles if the felt underlayment gets wet, because the roofing material is simply too stiff.

By their very nature, shakes are more flammable than other types of roofing. This hazard can be reduced with the addition of a flame-retardant coating, but a shake roof will never be as fire-safe as shingles or metal. Since a shake roof brings a piece of the organic world into the structure of your home, it also tends to attract bugs, usually pests such as silverfish and spiders. The antidote to this problem can be as simple as a box of glue traps,but it's worth noting before deciding on a shake roof that you may have to deal with some additional insect issues.
Experts in Shake Roofing
With decades of experience, our roofing technicians are fully equipped to install, maintain, and repair shake roofs.

True Line Cedar Shakes
We install hand-split and taper-sawn shakes from Fraser Cedar Products

Meeker Cedar Shakes
Meeker has been making shakes from western red cedar for over 50 years - longer than anyone else
Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau

For comprehensive information regarding shake roofing, visit the website of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau

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