Roofing FAQ's
Here are answers to some of our most freqently asked questions...

Do you use subcontractors?
Under normal circumstances, all our roofers are employed directly by A-1 Guarantee Roofing - and many of them have been with us almost as long as we have been in business. In an area-wide emergency situation (such as a severe weather event) we sometimes employ temporary roofers, but even then such subcontractors are chosen carefully - not just "grabbed off the street."

Do I need to be home when the work is being performed on my home?
No, you don't have to be home while we're working on your roof, but we do ask that you remain available by phone in case any questions arise.

Should I take time off from work when roof repairs are scheduled?
Scheduling time off work is not recommended, because our own schedules often change unavoidably due to such factors as weather conditions, changes in the job scope, material availability, etc. So you might take time off work only to find that we have been forced to reschedule the job.

Do you need to get inside of the house?
Unless we are installing a skylight, we do not normally need access to the inside of the house.

What do you need access to when you are working on my house?
We need access to a standard 120V electrical outlet and water. On older homes we like to have access to the electrical panel just in case a breaker gets tripped while we are running our equipment.

What happens if you find dry rot on my job?
If rotted or damaged wood is found on your house, it will be removed as necessary to reveal the extent of the damage. The job foreman will then estimate the cost of performing the additional repairs, and you will be contacted by an A-1 Guarantee Roofing representative with the revised figure. No additional work will be performed without your approval.

Am I obligated to use A-1 Guarantee Roofing for repairs on dry rot?
If dry rot is found during work on your roof, you are not obligated to order the repairs from A-1 Guarantee Roofing. If a third party is contracted in to do the repairs, that third party will assume responsibility for the roof substrate, water-tightness and scheduled inspections by the city.

How can a homeowner recognize when a roof has problems?
All too often, roof problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. You should always be alert for the main danger signs and if you think something is wrong, call A-1 Guarantee Roofing to schedule a free 17-point roof inspection.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it totally replaced?
Not necessarily. Leaking can happen because some flashings have come loose or because a section of the roof has been damaged. A roof failure, however, is generally irreversible and results from improper installation or choice of materials, or from the installation of a roof system inappropriate to the building. If your roof is leaking, schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible to have the situation assessed.

Do I need to secure any building permits?
Depending on your location, we can take care of any licenses or permits that may be required.

How long does a re-roof usually take?
An average residential re-roof typically takes only one or two days of good weather - during which you don't have to be present, just available by phone.

Do you offer a residential roof maintenance plan?
Yes. It is a comprehensive program called RoofGuard. You can find more information HERE.

What warranty do you offer?
We guarantee most types of work for five years. Manufacturer warranties vary. In the case of shingle roofing systems, we are certified to install systems with GAF's industry-leading 20-year Golden Pledge Warranty.

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