Slate Roofing

Slate might accurately be termed the "king of roofing systems." It is durable, resisting hail better than almost anything else. It is long-lasting, with slate roofs in some areas of the world remaining serviceable for literally hundreds of years. It is also beautiful; regardless of one's taste in roofing, few would dispute that a good slate roof simply looks fantastic.

Real Slate
Real slate, which is quarried out of the ground just like any other mineral, has been used as a roofing material for centuries. The main drawback to real slate is its price tag: a roof made out of it will often cost as much to build as the rest of the house. Also, the life of real slate can be shortened by volatile climate conditions. A freeze/thaw cycle like that of the Ozarks can wreck a slate roof in a fraction of its normal lifespan.


Synthetic Slate
In recent years, manufacturers have developed synthetic slate, which has all the advantages of the real thing at a much lower cost. Synthetic slate is also less vulnerable to the freeze/thaw effects of a volatile climate. For a beautiful roof that can withstand the elements and last a lifetime, synthetic slate is hard to match.

Impact Resistance
Considered by some to be almost indestructible, both real and synthetic slate carry a Class 4 impact rating on the IBHS/UL scale - the highest possible for a roofing material. Since hail damage is one of the primary causes for premature roof replacement, this rating equates to much lower insurance premiums in many areas; see your agent.

Established Contractor

Established companies are companies you can trust with your roofing solutions.  We have been in business for almost 20 years with the same ownership and the same phone number.

Slate Roofing Supply Companies

EcoStar, TruSlate, DaVinci and EverGreen Slate Company are the elite suppliers in the slate tile business and provide A-1 Guarantee Roofing with first class materials for our slate roofing projects.

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