Tile Roofing Types

Standard Concrete
Standard concrete tiles are among the sturdiest roofing systems, resisting hail better than almost anything else; consequently, they are very heavy - so heavy that a structure generally has to be designed with concrete tile roofing in mind to bear the weight. In some areas, the insurance savings incurred are well worth the extra building costs.

Lightweight Concrete
Lightweight concrete tiles offer the benefits of concrete without the massive load, weighing just about half as much as standard concrete. For this reason, lightweight concrete roofing can often be used on pre-existing structures which would otherwise literally collapse under the weight. Lightweight concrete tiles are more expensive than standard ones.

Clay Tile Roofing
Clay tile roofing is typically found on older homes, with many decades-old structures still carrying the original tile roof. Clay is better looking, more impact resistent, and lighter weight than concrete, but also costs much more than other types of tile roofing. It is generally not a popular choice for new installations due to this expense factor.

The Bottom Line
Tile roofing is a good choice for those who seek a truly unique look, or in situations where hail resistance is a paramount consideration.

Established Contractor

Established companies are companies you can trust with your roofing solutions.  We have been in business for almost 20 years with the same ownership and the same phone number.

Tile Roofing Supply Companies

Ludowici Roof Tile Company and Monier Lifetile are two of the established suppliers we utilize to provide the ultimate in tile roof quality.

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