FREE Roof Inspection  
If it's been more than five years since your roof was last inspected, or you have reason to believe that it needs attention, call A-1 Guarantee Roofing for a free inspection and a no-obligation free estimate on any repairs that may be needed. We will send a factory-certified roofing inspector to carry out a thorough 17-point inspection.


17 Point Roof Inspection Process
  1. Proper shingle overhangs at gutters and eaves
  2. Measure and calculate for proper attic ventilation
  3. Inspect attic intake vents from exterior of home
  4. Interior attic inspection for moisture
  5. Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal
  6. Inspect all valleys for cracks and deterioration
  7. Inspect roof for missing or cracked shingles
  8. Check gutters and down spouts for blockage
  9. Inspect fasten method used from original installation
  10. Inspect flashing at all walls
  11. Check for loose shingles
  12. Inspect seals on shingles to help prevent wind damage
  13. Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks
  14. Inspect all attic vents for holes or cracks
  15. Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot
  16. Check to see if shingles are curled, brittle, or deteriorated
  17. Check for chimney deterioration


Certification Available

As an optional service, A-1 Guarantee Roofing can draw up a formal roof certification report, which is often useful (or even required) when transferring property. Prepared by one of our factory-certified inspectors, this report will include pictures and a detailed description of any repairs that may be needed.

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